Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg - Ihr Fotograf für eine unvergängliche Hochzeit

About me

You’ve probably already read one or two articles and can make you a little picture of me :)
A few details about me are maybe more interesting:
I live in Hamburg, since 2005 and am originally from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (the east of Germany), specifically from “Süderholz”, a small community between Greifswald and Stralsund.
In 2001 I started with party pictures, a coincidence perhaps, a popup on a party page tempted me, submit a “Application”)
So I went around parties armed with a digicam, I was even once recruited (haha), of a better party portal.
Because I was still a student at the school. Unfortunately, my motivation was to learn math … um … No! (Zero points, course not occupied, ciao!)
… So I started an apprenticeship as a media designer. That was easy, then I wanted more and moved to Hamburg! Without any ideas and plans, “we’ll see what happens”. My last year of training I spent in Praktium in Hamburg, until August of 2006.
Then I had to apply social help from state because nobody wanted me, I didn’t have a great wallet unfortunately, but also no great desire to work as a graphic designer. One year and four months I was supported.
Party pictures I still made, for Virtual Nights, quite successful even (if one can call it that). I met a lot of people, have been booked for events, many agencies and a few clubs paid me for my photos. That was fun, but was far away from beeing sucessful. But, since 2008, I did not need “support” more :)
In 2011, my attention went to weddings. One or another I had already photographed, but somehow I did not like it. I had no concept and zero experience but somehow people came to me like: “Hey, you make beautiful photos, can’t not join …” and so on…
But when I read an e-book by Steffen ‘Stilpirat’ Böttcher, I got a taste, he had such a cool way that I might have also HAHA: D
But he had a concept, experience, ideas, things that totally failed me in the field.
From the moment I ask people if I can photograph their wedding. Four of them in 2011 wow!
I learned a lot, made a workshop at “Stilpirat” in 2012 and made more weddings.
I learned from other photographers, I discovered my own ideas and exceeded repeatedly borders, took hurdles and developed me.
Weddings are something that fills me, I always meet couples who do this for the first time and now I am often not only the photographer, but also someone who can give them the most important tips if they need them for. I had to photograph such wonderful experiences since my decision for weddings, I can not tell you how happy that makes me in my job. Meanwhile, I’m only doing weddings and some site projects, photograph people who I find beautiful or inspire me, things that impress me, just everything that overwhelmed and excited my creativity.
I am pleased about everyone who requests me, it is an honor, because it means I do a good job. And I meet everyone with respect, because that’s something that I would expect from any other people.
You can call me whenever you want, or email me whatsapp- Carry as you like, but don’t wait so long, a few others have the same idea :)