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How I work as a wedding photographer on Seychelles

24. June 2015

When I visit Seychelles, I’m coming as a wedding photographer! I remember the moment when I realized that this is not a flash in the pan here. This is more, this is a feeling, a lifestyle! Wedding photographer? Seychelles? Hm … I googled it first, when I came to my first trip to these wonderful […]

Wedding photogapher at Seychelles

24. June 2015

I was back as a wedding photographer in the Seychelles When I was in Seychelles the first time as a wedding photographer, I did not even know in which direction which island is. Now that I was the fifth time as a photographer in Seychelles, I take my wedding couples to the most interesting places […]

Wedding in Seychelles

22. April 2015

It now happens more often, I’m a wedding photographer in Seychelles, as it looks. If couples want to celebrate their wedding in Seychelles, they usually have a clear idea of ​​why they want to get married there. Mostly it is, because the don’t like all the things that have to be done at a usual wedding. […]

Wedding photographer Mallorca

26. January 2015

I was going to as a wedding photographer to Mallorca :) I’ve been to Mallorca for a wedding the last year. Have a look below to what happened there :)  

Weddingphotographer Seychelles, a beautiful Story

29. December 2014

If you type weddingphotographer Seychelles on Google, then you get a lot of results. Wedding photographers from all corners love it, even to photograph a wedding there. Mee too so I’ve been there the second time this year. The results you can see now :)

Wedding on Sylt – a dear statement

22. August 2014

There once was a couple who got married on the island of Sylt. I could start this way, because this wedding is already a few days ago, seven weeks to be exact. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write something new, as much as I wanted, but it tingled in my fingers. Too many weddings, too many […]

Hochzeit am Carana Beach auf Mahé (Seychellen)

15. April 2014

Ich war ja nicht ganz unfleißig in meinen zehn Tagen als Fotograf auf den Seychellen :) Diese Hochzeit fand auf Mahé statt, das ist die größte Insel der Seychellen. Mein Freund bietet dort die Organisation von Hochzeiten auf den Seychellen an, er kümmert sich dabei um alles, Anmeldungen, Hotels, Reise und Zeremonie, letztendlich um den […]

Wedding in Seychelles ( La Digue)

10. April 2014

Mein Weg hat mich wieder auf die Trauminseln verschlagen! Nachdem ich letztes Jahr schon für eine Hochzeit auf den Seychellen war, ging es dieses Jahr wieder in das tropische Paradies. Genau ein Jahr war es her, dass ich dort war, viel zu lange! Aber auch angemessen lange, um mich auf meinen zweiten Besuch vorzubereiten. Was […]

My first wedding this year

9. April 2014

Finally the time has come again! I can show you wedding photos. And not just the old, but resent ones, very recent. My first wedding this year is also a special one. My dearest and longest friend got married. We all have been waiting for this to happen for a long time and now, were […]

Wedding at the Standperle

15. December 2013