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Amsterdam – a loveletter

26. August 2014

It was love at first sight …

As some of you know, I’ve been to Amsterdam at the end of the last year. I visited my dear friend Anna, because I like her, because I wanted to see this wonderful city and of course because I wanted to photograph Anna in this beautiful scenery.

Of course we can not take our time for anything we want, so while my visit, Anna still had to got to the dentist, where I accompanied her.
In the waiting room, Anna told me that her friend works there, I waited and watched her friend at work.

Of course I had a look at her, because she was nice. Of course I immediately thought of which wonderful pictures I could probably make with her. But I always keep my principles and only speak to someone if it’s okay for the moment.
This wasn’t the perfect time, and I had no need for, because these days of creativity were for Anna and they have been worth it, we made great pictures and had a good time!

However, I soon learned more about this friend.
I had a lot to do, edited Anna’s pictures, wrote an article, posted it and got a like on facebook from Ivana, the beautiful friend who worked at the dentist.

I asked Anna if she could ask her for attention, I had a great desire to take some pictures with her.
Of course Anna did :)

She was interested and so we started to write about it. I watched many of her images and discovered less pictures on her profile that were from shootings.
How could that be? Why she wasn’t pursued by hordes of photographers begging for shootings???

I couldn’t understand, but I also realized that Ivana was a little afraid and she was nervous when we talked about it, also she did not know how to behave, or rather what she should do…on such a shooting.

Wow! That’s exactly my forte: Every week I meet shy couples and often have to build a lot of confidence to prepare them for a shoot. This should be the slightest problem.

We made an appointment, I grabbed my child and went to Amsterdam!
Arrived, I can hardly describe the scenery. A townhouse in Wormer, a town in the north of Amsterdam, inhabited by two South American beauties from Suriname. (If you want to know more about, click on it)

We planned our days, eating in Amsterdam, sweating on the North Sea beach, made ​​barbecue in the garden, which only South Americans can do this way (yummy) and discovered a sleepy village to make the long-awaited shoot.

I tell you: This woman, this presence, this thoroughly positive human. If her mother would’t live so far away, I would like to shake her hands congratulate her for the wonderful children she created!

But enough now :)
I only can say it again and again: No matter how much money I make or how important some people may find it to act on others. It matters what is inside of us, how much we can love and fortune to be loved. How wonderful the people are around us, signifies how happy we are and gives us the strength we need. I have fueled very much power in these days!
Amsterdam has brought me two people closer than I could have ever dreamed of. This is a love letter to a city, to a way of life ant at most of all to wonderful people.

Have a look :)