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How I work as a wedding photographer on Seychelles

24. June 2015

When I visit Seychelles, I’m coming as a wedding photographer! I remember the moment when I realized that this is not a flash in the pan here. This is more, this is a feeling, a lifestyle! Wedding photographer? Seychelles? Hm … I googled it first, when I came to my first trip to these wonderful […]

Wedding photogapher at Seychelles

24. June 2015

I was back as a wedding photographer in the Seychelles When I was in Seychelles the first time as a wedding photographer, I did not even know in which direction which island is. Now that I was the fifth time as a photographer in Seychelles, I take my wedding couples to the most interesting places […]

Wedding in Seychelles

22. April 2015

It now happens more often, I’m a wedding photographer in Seychelles, as it looks. If couples want to celebrate their wedding in Seychelles, they usually have a clear idea of ​​why they want to get married there. Mostly it is, because the don’t like all the things that have to be done at a usual wedding. […]

Babybelly and Baby shooting at Seychelles

22. February 2015

I had met with Marvel for a baby belly shooting on Seychelles. We photographed at two different locations, on Mahé at a beautiful spot with rocks and the Anse Lazio beach on Praslin, one of the most beautiful beaches at Seychelles. From these shootings I had shown only a few pictures, because I barely had […]

Shooting with Jane Chirwa on Mallorca

26. January 2015

I went to Mallorca for a wedding, but I had more time for doing some nice shots! So I invited my friend Jane Chirwa, if she would like to join me moking some nice shots! She came and we made some special shots! This ist part one, a lowely sunny day! This is part two, one […]

Wedding photographer Mallorca

26. January 2015

I was going to as a wedding photographer to Mallorca :) I’ve been to Mallorca for a wedding the last year. Have a look below to what happened there :)  

Weddingphotographer Seychelles, a beautiful Story

29. December 2014

If you type weddingphotographer Seychelles on Google, then you get a lot of results. Wedding photographers from all corners love it, even to photograph a wedding there. Mee too so I’ve been there the second time this year. The results you can see now :)

4 weeks seychelles

22. December 2014

I have been 4 weeks to Seychelles! But this time I wanted the full program. Not just 5 days like my first visit, where I didn’t know anyone and was just doing my job. Only here and there some pictures at the beach. Also not only 10 days, like the second time. That was more […]

Family Shooting at Beau Vallon on Mahé, Seychelles

22. November 2014

This shoot emerged kind of curious. I was at a takeaway (which are like an “Imbiss” in Germany, but usually you take the food away, or home) and Dianne worked there. Dianne is the mother of these two cuties, and we started talking. This island is not very big, so you will meet again somewhere […]

Amsterdam – a loveletter

26. August 2014

It was love at first sight … As some of you know, I’ve been to Amsterdam at the end of the last year. I visited my dear friend Anna, because I like her, because I wanted to see this wonderful city and of course because I wanted to photograph Anna in this beautiful scenery. Of course […]