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Wedding in Seychelles

22. April 2015

It now happens more often, I’m a wedding photographer in Seychelles, as it looks.
If couples want to celebrate their wedding in Seychelles, they usually have a clear idea of ​​why they want to get married there.
Mostly it is, because the don’t like all the things that have to be done at a usual wedding.

This wedding story begins differently. I could beginn with: „There was once a paradise …“ because this wedding has developed like this :)
The bride is in fact half Seychelloise and gave rise to the whole story.
With roots in Seychelles and raised in Germany, I really can not show better contrast. These are the two important parts when organizing a wedding (with guests !!) in Seychelles.
I could go back very far, but this would only understand people who seem to have a basic idea of ​​how life works in Seychelles. But these are rare :)
I jump to the part where it is clear: I’m flying back to paradise and work as a wedding photographer in Seychelles! (Yay)
I’m beginning to love it, the eternal hours on the plane, the occasional fear that the bird does not do what it is supposed to, the realization that I don’t care, because I have dreamed of such a life. Well I woke up and it’s like in my dream, wonderful!
It doesn’t fall into your lap, but somehow I have found a way to inspire people to go with me. The pictures are beautiful, yes, I hear it often. But there are so many photographers who conjure up quite wonderful work, some very good wedding photographers. I am amazed when I look at what happened there!

But here I am, with my heavy baggage that I (almost) always get though check in, with my euphoria to finally see my little devils and the awareness that here and now again a story arises for two people, that will be one of the most memorable stories in their live.
It started on Praslin, a German-Creole family welcomes me, the guests arrived, I was invited to the „Polterabend“. (Yes, German traditions were brought) ;)
A few beers (Seybrew) later, I am well on it, but must be home soon because the wedding will take strength!
I start with the getting ready, everybody is really relaxed, except the German side, some hectic people, the bride shows her german side ;)
The grandmother is almost too late, but no sign of a problem at the Creole side HAHAHA, I love that! (sometimes)
Then there we go, I take the bride and bride’s father to the beach.
The wedding ceremony is as always a special moment, I try to stand out as little as possible, but it is new to me that so many guests are there. Usually there are only two that I have to pay attention, exhausting!
But it works. Guests are curious, sitting in the sun, they still have to bear a little bit :)
I’m trying to find the right positions, the sun often prevent beautiful scenes, but I have to seek better positions!!
After the ceremony we saw the tension fall, tears flowed, beaming faces, joyful hugs.
There is cake, a few snacks, gifts, drinks (beer for me) in the shade of palm trees.
Meanwhile, I’ve learned to look up before I put myself under a tree. A coconut exerts much noise when it hits the ground, a head should not be between that.
Then we moved to Anse Lazio to the Bonbon Plume restaurant. From the inside I have not seen the restaurant before, but I was surprised to find a restaurant open, just perfect for this!
And the German traditions were not forgotten, they had to cut a heart HAHA :)
I could have only a few decoration photos, then it was already going on, a beautiful speech and the buffet was opened … I have nothing to say, I could have spent days on it ;)
The party started with the opening dance, some crazy ideas (imported from Germany), a lot of reggae, a few charts and local music, cool!
The ceremony was going on, I left around 11 o’clock, the temperature and the work gnaw hard on the condition, but I had everything in the box :)
We had an after wedding shoot a few days later on Mahé, where we could also discover some wonderful scenes in peace.
Check out the pictures and if you have any ideas, write to me at: kontakt@sebastianmuehlig.com :)