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Wedding on Sylt – a dear statement

22. August 2014

There once was a couple who got married on the island of Sylt.

I could start this way, because this wedding is already a few days ago, seven weeks to be exact.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write something new, as much as I wanted, but it tingled in my fingers.
Too many weddings, too many deadlines, too much of everything!
This is nice, very nice actually, but I have to learn to deal with it.
Plan things focused, not saying yes to everything that is pending.
But it will come :)

Today I have taken the time to do a few small things, one of them was to write this article.

So I was on Sylt.
As always, as a wedding photographer  I’m completely unprejudiced, what could be, I just take it as it is.
Friday, the day before the wedding, we had our first testshooting. After that, we sat at the World Cup  quarterfinals with some other guests and grilled diligently watching television in the garden :)
I already discovered a beautiful beach during the shoot and decided to go for a swim in the evening.

At 21:45 I arrived at the beach, the sun hung a few feet above the water glowing red and I jumped into the water, completely happy!
It was cold, but the greatest feeling in that moment.
Dried and enjoying the water, the fin of a porpoise flipped out of the water surface, just before he once fully revealed, and again disappeared. What could be better?

The next day we first went to the town hall, there I could walk by feet very relaxed with my camera case.
The ceremony was very nice, a great hall, and a nice registrar.
Then we went to the getting-ready, quite comfortable, the mood was calm, I was able to capture some beautiful scenes.

When I wanted to leave before the bride, it started to drizzle.
I gave my safety umbrella of the bride, so that the styling coudn’t damage :)

Once it was dry again, the guests waited on the beach, a very very beautiful scene.
Then the bride came with her father. In such moments, I must always need to stay focused … sniff ;)
The ceremony started well, then it trickled back and eventually it rained, so that the maid speaker moved the ceremony into location. Just in time (for me), because only a strong sprint saved me and my camera from something worse. A mighty downpour made ​​the last of the guests really wet.
Okay, what do !? Nothing! So it is ;)
These people were so relaxed, I mean, I am easy going and thats something I find more funny than it would annoy me.
So towels were first going around and then the wedding ceremony went on, with wet hair :)
The two had remained dry – thanks to the umbrella.
So we enjoyed this moment as if nothing had happened. The bride even said to me that it was worth it just to see the people there waiting for her and I agree!
The food was delicious! The Strandoase has done amazing work!
(Sadly there is a fire in early August erupted, but you should remember this Location for the future!)
The celebration began, the friends were all in good mood and have been properly partying !! :) Wonderful scenes I could capture, I love it! Pure joy, genuine friends, simply everything you need! The photobooth is slowly recovering from what it had seen the evening, but with coaxing it goes better slowly) (joke)
I thank you for this sensational trip to this wonderful island. Sylt: I immediately fell in love with you!
A quality of life is in it, as you told again and again. That was exactly the right decision and I am happy when someone takes me back on this island :)
So now have a look at the pictures: